• Finish Script: 3h
  • New main room model: 4h
  • Bio Wall Book illustration: 5h

Total Hours: 15h

Positives: THE SCRIPT IS DONE!! So that’s pretty cool. Also I have officially started scheduling all of our actors from both Drexel and Mike Lemon Casting for the first few weeks of spring term. I also laid out a new room structure that Joe says hasSynergyand alsoGoodVibes. We also now have illustrations (in first draft) for the bio wall that helps the player label things correctly.

Pedal to the metal my good bitch.

Negatives: I’m so tired. Can I not have other classes any more?

Looking Ahead: Continue_SSB_(Kirby).png

It’s been another big week here at Prediction Error. Despite several of our team members crunching for another project, we made strides in every department and we’re very satisfied about that.

Animations are in-game and hooked up to controllers!

We have our LAST puzzle in-game!

The accusation mechanic now includes a tablet to keep track of evidence and scary red lights.

The character modelers have FLOORED IT.

Our story map is unfolding beautifully and Sydney has been working tirelessly to include lots and lots of new content in the script ahead of scheduling our voice actors.

Oh, and we updated our sketeches for promotional materials!

And just like that, finals are upon us. As half of our team is traveling to GDC during real finals week, we’ll be spending Week 9 polishing any programming, getting art in-engine, and finalizing things like videos and pitch materials ahead of our final presentation. The finish line is in sight.

We’re Drowning

  • Program Animations: 3h
  • Bugfixing Piano Puzzle: Forthcoming
  • Machine Greybox: 30m
  • Sound Team Meeting: 1h
  • Accusation Lights: 15m
  • Deliverables: 30m

Total: 5h

I’m back! Worked this week to get all of the lovely mocap work the team did onto our characters, with very satisfying results. We still need to get the rest of Madeline’s animations cleaned, so that’ll probably end up on my docket for the upcoming week.

Getting our composers in-headset!

Positives: The animation programming process went VERY smoothly. I found a way to streamline the process AFTER I lost about an hour’s worth of work due to my own failures repository-wise, and I got really good at making things happen FAST. Additionally, I met with the sound team to get them into the headset and have them experience the game for the first time. They’ll be getting me more music this week, and it was great to show them VR for the first time. Programming is in such good shape that both Samara and I have been pulled off to work on other things (aside from general bugfixing) – me to art and her to writing – so that’ll be my primary focus in the upcoming week. Finally, I had 15 minutes to put together a quick preliminary prefab with red lights to activate once the player starts an accusation to denote that this is a Big Deal.


Negatives: I didn’t get to finalize the machine model this week due to a combination of other obligations and not getting the sketches I needed soon enough to work on a final model. Now that I have the sketches and a greybox, I’ll be able to have a final model in by next week. Also, GDC is coming up so that’s a big thing that’s in my brain at all times.

Looking forward:

  • Machine Model
  • Piano Model
  • Work with art team to get final character models into engine


  • Promo Materials: 3h
  • Implement And Test All UI Assets: 2h
  • Finalize All UI Needs for Main Scene: 2h

Total Hours: 7h


Got promo stuff done this week, making some more progress towards having solid promotional assets for next term, along with more UI assets. The start menu exists, but will be polished further very soon. Conversations look a bit nicer, as well.


Getting close to the end of the term, and getting stressed about keeping up. I had to spend a good amount of time this week just figuring out how to do what I wanted to do instead of actually doing it, and it’s too late in the term for that to happen. Luckily, it means that this last week is going to be a good one.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Camera Hologram
  • Notebook UI
  • Clues


  • Place Study Filler Models  2hr
  • Textures for walls and floor 2hr
  • Piano Receiver Model 1hr

Total Hours: 5hr

Positives: Didn’t have as much time again this week, but I still got my tasks mostly done. I’ve worked on exporting the material I’ve made and gotten it up to the point where the parameters are expose-able and more customized to what we want. I’ve also placed more filler models made previously into the study, so that it’s more fleshed out, and modeled out another part of the piano puzzle to go with the model I made last week.

Negatives: Again this week the negative was just being in crunch for some other projects at the same time.

Looking Ahead: More models and implementation/especially models and materials that make the room look less sparse.