Hello again from the Prediction Error team! We’re still hard at work on There’s Been A Murder, doing scripting and modeling and recording and B U G F I X I N G and lots and lots of other things.

The big news, of course, is that we are ALMOST DONE with recording, and everything is on schedule! We’re thrilled to get these last items in, finish polishing everything else, and get on our way to that stage in June.


  • Fix characters walking into scene animation 2h
  • Meet with sound team 15m
  • Filler models 30m

Total Hours: 3h

The Navmesh is still a little wonky but is greatly improved.

Positives: While I didn’t log a lot of hours this week, the project is progressing well and making the build for our Work In Progress deliverable was very straightforward. Additionally, I’ve managed to make it so the characters walk in in a slightly less terrifying manner. They’re still not perfect, though, and I want to spend some time this week seeing what I can do to make that movement even better. Also, I met with Shiloh, one of our composers, to make sure we’re all still on the same page when it comes to music, and I got the chance this morning to listen to some of the new things he and Angus have been working on writing.

And I made a book.

I feel like Ellis was the type of person to keep around a bunch of heavy books just to make himself look smarter.

Negatives: I had a REALLY light week, which doesn’t make me feel great, especially seeing how hard the rest of the team has been working. This coming week, I plan to be more on top of what needs to be done and be more proactive about taking on tasks. However, I did manage to get a solid 5 hours of sleep the night before class, which is a plus.

Looking Ahead:  I’ll be doing an SFX pass and getting updated sound effects in this week, as well as continuing to fight with NavMesh, squashing any bugs that may arise, and implementing a whole boatload of new stuff as I get it from various people on the team.


  • Recording Sessions as scheduled: 8h
  • Database Entry: 3h
  • Ellis Concept: 2h
  • Fake Eye Model: 1h

Total Hours: 14h


Positives: One more recording session and WE HAVE ALL AUDIO!! Working with voice actors has been amazing and has gone pretty smoothly! The sounds guys have been super helpful in getting the studio for us and editing everything down. Samara made a cool thing to organize all the files in the database that I don’t fully understand but it’s easy for me to fill in and hand off to her.

Negatives: We got a bit set back in our last character model we need in, but I’ve already talked with Dan about how we can recover and drafted a concept for him real quick. And boy does this lad have a punch-able face.


Looking Ahead: finish database entry file, final voice recordings, finish eye model and camera model, flex where needed


  • Texture new scene items (100%) 3h
  • Revisit room texturing with newer moodboard 5hr

Total Hours: 8hr 

Positives: We have a pretty large spread of different tones and color palattes in our moodboards, and one newer image courtesy of Syd offered brighter colors that might make the room more readable. So this week, I created those materials, which were actually pretty similar to a previous art test.

Negatives: I left Philly this weekend because a family member is very sick, and so most of my Sproj work time was spent traveling and visiting instead. It’s not a very big negative though, all things considered. I still got some textures painted, in what I believe will be closer to final colors for the room visibility wise, and I also really needed to go see them sooner than later.

Looking Ahead: Iterating on the environment.


What am I doing


  • Beta Vicktor Model 6hr
  • Madeline Model 10hr

Total Hours: 16 hr


Positives: After giving up our souls for the week and the weekend, we got the assets we needed in the game finished in at least a beta quality. Vicktor has a model! while its not finished, its still a good beta one. Madeline’s foot is fixed too! as well as her arm and some of her textures. Taking the fashion CAD course is awesome because its teaching me what I need to do to get my work for SPROJ done. 


Negatives: I feel exhausted after the week, worse than I have in a while, I don’t think I slept well or at all. For some of it, it is my fault, but I needed to accelerate my time table so there was not much I could do to stop that.

Looking Ahead:  Finishing Madeline and Vicktor by week 3-4