The weather is getting warmer and Senior Showcase is getting closer! We’ve been working hard to polish everything up for our big day. Lots of changes and updates were made to our showcase slidedeck and video, and we fixed the two biggest bugs in our game.

The player can now throw the DNA lamp in what is being hailed as a “groundbreaking feature.”

Our artists are hard at work finalizing everything from character models to the decorations in Ellis’ lab.

Plus, we have new media, like this showcase poster.

We’ll see you next week for final updates and individual postmortems!


  • Video – 3h
  • Poster – 3h
  • lighting – 4h
  • other junk – 1h 45m

Total Hours: 11.75 hours


Poster done. Game coming together well. I think I can fix lighting now. Great feedback from Glen. Making headway on next rev of slideshow and video.


Lighting broke. Entire walls or sections would turn pitch black. I had to start over. Made me sad. I wanted to be done last week. Took priority because footage would need to be redone. I’m behind on so many things.

Looking Ahead: 

poster I made.

Ayyyyy Victor


  • Fixing Madeline: 5 hrs
  • Victor Clothes and Model: 12 hrs
  • Beauty Renders: 2hrs

Total Hours: 19 hrs

Positives: Okay, so here we are, nearly at the end. Madeline is finished, re-textured and implemented, which is awesome.

Victor is nearly done also which is great, he should be done by tomorrow.
unknown (3)image0



Negatives: I didn’t finish Victor this week, and I had some issues with fixing Madeline the previous week, but hopefully thatll be behind us soon.

Looking Ahead: Victor

Finish Voice Line Entry: 45m
Database Value Entry & Related Bug Fixes: 1h15m
Fix Snapgrabbable Gravity: 45m (timeless)

Total Hours: 2h45m


I didn’t have a lot to do this week, but I got all of my outstanding tasks done. Syd and I finished adding the final voice lines in, including the introduction and end game ones.

I fixed some relationship value issues we had with our database in order to prep for when we have all the completed tracks for our dynamic soundtrack. You can see in the bottom left-hand corner of this gif (it’s difficult I know) that the value increases as the player talks to the NPC.


I also finally fixed our code that snaps objects to specific places, so now those objects can also have gravity. Which means the player can now throw the DNA lamp, which is obviously the most important part of the game.



Honestly, this week went pretty smoothly.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing as Needed


  • Fix bar Model: 1h
  • Final Voice Line Entry: 45m
  • Edit Bug Video for presentation: 30m
  • Mix final audio for machine and chief: 1h

Total Hours: 3h 15m

Positives: I……I think I’m done? I feel bad as a team lead waiting to be told to do stuff but I think at this point I just need people to throw stuff at me if they need help. Our bug video was cut down to things that non-game devs will hopefully understand and find funny. ALL VOICE LINES ARE IN! YAY! I am now ready to take on whatever other people need help with as long as I can handle it.

Negatives: I goofed and forgot to fix the bar model for Cris after I called my mom. I got it to her a bit late so that was completely my fault.

Looking Ahead: help where I caaaaaaaan, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!