• Meetings: 6h
  • Database Planning: 1h30m
  • Repository Work: 30m
Total Hours: 8h
Positives: The team met two times this week and had meaningful discussions. I helped come up with more specific ideas in terms of utilizing VR and scenes for the original game. Additionally, I mocked up a table schema for the main database tables we would need, which should be able to handle the more complicated dialogue logic we were originally going for (shown below). In the second meeting, the team decided to pivot the game idea in order to scope down, and I contributed to the overall new idea and some more specific puzzle mechanics.
Negatives: Unfortunately, since the team decided to pivot our game idea entirely, most of the database table schema I came up with is now no longer necessary. However, on a more positive note, the pivot means that the dialogue and overall gameplay logic should be less complicated than what we had originally.
Looking Ahead:
  • Research on integrating SQLite with Unity projects
  • Adding blank database to repository
  • Going through Unity and SQLite tutorials
Database Schema

600+ people. Alcoholic beverages. Games on an IMAX screen. And so, so much more!

This is where we were last night: at the Franklin Institute’s Science After Hours: 8-Bit edition.

We were one of several local indie studios who took part in the event, and we had a fantastic time showing STILL ON THE WATER and All The King’s Men (a new & upcoming satirical card game about political chaos) to guests at the Franklin.

We played several games of All The King’s Men with guests who jumped at the chance to sit down and yell at each other about iron shortages and elven rift crises.

We had dozens of people try their hand at kayaking in virtual reality, and showed off a demo with three new tapes, a spectral interaction, and brand-new motion controls!


Thank yous are owed to the Drexel University Entrepreneurial Game Studio for putting us in touch with this opportunity and lending us hardware, to all of the friends and family who came to support us, and to the people who assisted us with load-in, load-out, set-up, and emotional support – we couldn’t do this without you.


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We were fortunate enough to be able to show STILL ON THE WATER this past Saturday as part of the Franklin Institute’s Gamer In The House series! This series takes place every Saturday afternoon as part of the “Game Masters” exhibit, and features local developers showing their games.


We brought a demo version of STILL ON THE WATER, and immersed more than 30 visitors into the surreal world of our river landscape. Players were able to select and listen to 9 different cassette tapes available in the boat, or just look around and enjoy their atmosphere.

We also showed off the development process itself – we like to demystify what games-in-progress look like, and visitors to our table got to watch Chris and Jimmy work on shaders and atmospheric effects in real time.

We handed out postcards, got feedback, and got to enjoy showing our game to the general public for the first time! We are greatly looking forward to what’s next for STILL ON THE WATER, and we’ll be out in public AGAIN on June 26th for Science After Hours: 8-Bit at the Franklin with a new and updated demo!

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A massive thank you to everyone who came out to support us and everyone who played STILL ON THE WATER!


-The Prediction Error Team

Hello everyone!


Welcome to our new website. You may also notice that we have taken on a new name.

There is lots to discuss here, as we have been very busy these last few weeks dusting off our paddles and jumping back into STILL ON THE WATER. We were spurred to resurrect this project upon a successful meeting with a representative from Oculus at IndieCade East last month, and have since renamed our studio and taken on an additional team member.

Our team at IndieCade!

Our new development schedule has us aiming to release STILL ON THE WATER in June of 2019 for Oculus and hopefully other platforms as well. We greatly look forward to developing this small class project into the unique and wonderful experience it promises to be.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey through the creation of this weird and wonderful adventure.