On Our Way


  • General/Concept Art Meetings: 3h
  • PPJ: 20m
  • Concept character art: 2h

Total Hours: 5h 20m

Positives: And we are in full swing! we have discussed at length what we wanted to do with the game and had a wonderful meeting about what we wanted to do for character design. I have a wealth of different resources to help me on this process and have plenty of ideas due to the wonderful inspiration that the art team came up with during our meeting. I feel much more comfortable with this idea, as cybernetics and the like are things that I think are really interesting and cool. I say this because they feature heavily with our character design.

Negatives: I wasn’t able to get as much done as I wanted to this weekend for concept art. Time management is going to be a large thing that I will need to focus on in the future.


And we are off


  • Meetings: 6h
  • Sexual Assault Research: 3h



POSITIVES: The group met two times this week and I can say that I believe that each time was time well spent for the group. We realized that our idea may be too much for us to accurately do justice in the way we want to right now, and because of this we have decided to change our idea to something more manageable. The group has strong vision and good chemistry, and now that we have a solid idea of what we want to do, I think things will become a great deal easier for us than it was before. The idea we are going for, while not what we initially wanted, is still enjoyable and interesting and exciting. This is great because we have many odd and strange objects we can model and add to the game.

NEGATIVES: Well, unfortunately, our idea changed completely, we are no longer working on the interesting and heavy subject of female on male rape, rage, and attempted murder. The story we were weaving around these topics was something that everyone in the group really wanted to tell, but we were terrified that we just couldn’t get it right. We understand that scope will prohibit us from doing many things that we want to do, and because of this we need to make hard decisions.


  • Deliverables for week 4
  • fleshing out puzzle gameplay and story
  • conceptual art (if possible)
  • Dialog prototype