Samara Painter, PPJ, Spring Week 4

Voice Line Entry with Syd: 2h

Total Hours: 2h


For the majority of this week I was at my parents’ house watching their dog while they went to visit my grandparents. Unfortunately, this meant that I wasn’t at my computer and was basically out of commission for the week.


I did manage to do a couple hours of data entry with Sydney, where we ran my script to get all of the voice lines into the database, and then started going through the game and manually updating conversations. We got that about halfway done before we decided to call it a night, as I have a few more scripts and functions I’d like to make before we continue. There are a couple conversations and hints that are accessible in-game now, and we should be getting the rest of them into the game within the next week. Luckily, the script added the conversations to the database successfully, so that majorly cut down on the manual work we have to do.


I wasn’t really around last week, so I didn’t get a lot done. I should be around all of this week, and will be able to finish up putting the conversations into the game, among other things as needed.

Looking Ahead:
Bug fixing as needed
Finish adding conversations to game with Syd

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