Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Spring Week 3

Work on Madeline’s clothes: 4hr
Work on Vicktor’s clothes and model: 3hr

Total Hours: 7hr


This week I worked on finishing up the clothes for Madeline and Vicktor’s outfits. I learned a great deal about how to make 3d clothes through the Fashion course I am taking with professor Kathleen Martin and as such it has been an amazing help to me. The same goes for the modeling of Vicktor’s arms (which is to say that I added to them). I was also given the task of making the corpse of Ellis, and honestly I think that I will be better off with this now that I know what to do. It seems like I’ll be able to keep my promise about Madeline and Vicktor, and as such I will be putting my whole effort to that this week.


My trial for Marvelous Designer ran out and now I need to actually pay $50 to use it. This put a big stop on the work this week as I didn’t have the money to actively fix this issue until Monday night. I also have to make Ellis, which makes me nervous cause I’m always nervous.

Looking Ahead:
Madeline done
Vicktor Done
Ellis mostly done.

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