Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 9


  • Script Writing: 8h
  • Talk with the sound lads about getting the recording studio: 20m

Total Hours: 8h 20m

Have some exposition!


Positives: Finals are upon us and death has touched this place. I have negative time right now which is really fun and definitely effective when attempting to be productive. Unfortunately I had to schedule things for GDC work in the slots that I usually work on senior project so time is flip flopped right now. STILL we made progress on the story. I have it completely mapped out now and we did a brainstorm session to make sure everyone was clear with the entire story. We also decided that the machine at the end had “memory scenes” in the form of audio to replace conversation the player may have missed. While it saves us on feeling bad if the player misses a conversation, it added more to the script that needs to be written. BIG FEAR.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Negatives: Finals week has been pushed one week closer because of GDC which means a lot of my own stuff is due earlier. AHHH time please come back I miss you.

Looking Ahead: Confirm final cast for voices, continue trying to finish this beast that is a script (please end me)

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