Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 9

Teleportation Bug Fixes: 1h15m
Hook Up Machine Puzzle Model: 2h15m
Add Gravity to Bio Wall Objects: 45m
Update Accusation Mechanic: 2h
Add Player Tablet: 1h45m

Total Hours: 8h


I managed to get everything done this week that I wanted to!

I updated the fixes for our teleportation bugs, as the previous ones made the player fly through the floor when holding objects.


Now the player cannot walk through walls and fall out of the scene, and they also do not fly through the floor when holding objects.



I also hooked up the machine puzzle to a new machine greybox that Erin made. This version of the puzzle takes 4 different inputs in a specific order to create an archive key.

I added gravity to all the small objects around the bio wall, since during play testing the first thing people wanted to do was throw stuff around.


I updated our accusation mechanic to handle multiple pieces of evidence for each category, so that the player then has to choose the “right” one when accusing someone. Each piece of evidence is still discovered separately, but for the purposes of testing I have many pieces of evidence discovered at once so that we can tell it’s working (there are more pieces of evidence that are not discovered, and do not show up during accusations). I also utilized the updated lighting Erin made, so that an accusation felt more serious to the player. (There is no sound for this video).

Finally, along with the updated accusation mechanic, I added a player tablet. This is something the player always has and can be toggled on/off. It shows the current evidence found for each NPC, and is updated as new evidence is found.




Surprisingly, everything went well this week. There’s always more that can be done, but I feel pretty satisfied with where I’m at this week.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing as Needed
Updating Puzzles as needed

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