Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 8


  • Script Writing: 6h
  • Finding voice actors: 20m

Total Hours: 6h


Positives: This week was…something. Honestly it was kind of a bad week for me and I did not get a ton done. I worked on the script and ended up creating a little more work because I changed some conversations that then needed context for things and blah blah blah I need to not be a fool. I put what I do have into twine simply to visualize timing better. Now I have a nifty map of conversations that I can branch from and reorganize. What was cool was the group of voice actor applications from a bunch of people! Real people read my script and that’s just terrifying! We’ve picked favorites, but want input from the rest of the group before we make our final selection.

Negatives: I let my problems get the better of me this week and did not work as much as I wanted. What I will be doing is making up for lost time this whole week and if I don’t get this script done I’m going to eject myself from this plane of existence.

Looking Ahead: Finish script (again pt. 3), send a bunch of emails to voice actors and hopefully begin recording scheduling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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