Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 8

Schrödinger’s Grad Student

  • Get Mocap Animations In-Engine: 30m
  • New Version of Piano Puzzle: 2h
  • Placeholder Characters: 1h
  • Corpse Ragdoll: 1h
  • General Debugging: 1h
  • Deliverables: 30m

Total: 6h

I didn’t exist this week. I’ve now been accepted to FOUR Ph.D. programs in digital media or similar fields, and I spent most of last week traveling to visit two of those schools. HOWEVER! This was a planned occurrence, and I still managed to get quite a bit done – all of my tasks to 100%.

Positives: This was a very productive week, which I hadn’t anticipated. I got a new prototype in, got to see the fruits of our mocap later, and got to laugh my head off while prototyping all of the fun things that happen once the corpse drops into the room. Also, I got to listen to voice actor auditions with Sydney and Samara, and being able to hear our lines spoken by professionals and being able to think about who we’d want in our cast was just incredible.

Aannd his hand works!
Just yeet the corpse, it’s fine.

Negatives: I didn’t get to start on the new piano puzzle as early as I’d have liked, and that means it’s still a little buggy. (I think I just need to accept that these cylinders will be a problem for me for the rest of forever.) Also it’s another late night getting deliverables in, which is not ideal. I want sleep.

Looking forward:

  • Code animations as much as humanly possible
  • The bugfixing never ends
  • Work with art team to get final character models into engine!