Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 7


  • Craft for models to fill room 2hr
  • Touch up models for playtest 3hr
  • Make materials for walls and floors 5hr

Total Hours: 10h

Positives: This week I was able to start putting the models I’d made with temporary materials and get them in engine. I definitely think they helped fill out the room, and some of them were able to be re-used in multiple places (such as turning the vase model upside down to form cushions, or some other piece of furniture). I also worked on a material that speaks to more of our sci-fi influences that can go on the floors and walls. I made it in substance designer, so it’s procedural, and once implemented we’d be able to get multiple textures out of one material (for example, using a slider to select between different geometric patterns).

Negatives: Some of the models that I re-imported into unity came in without their parented children (like bookcases without shelves), but that should be easy to fix with some restructuring.

Looking Ahead: More models and implementation/especially models and materials that make the room look less sparse.


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