Team PPJ, Winter Week 6

Hello from the other side of midterms! The Prediction Error team has returned to the grind this week and has crafted lots of new fun things.

New fun things like an opening conversation with all 3 characters and a nice invitation with a keycode!

All I got was an email!

New fun things like a game with fewer bugs.

New fun things like Madeline!

Creator, botanist, innovator.

New fun things like decorations for the study and biowall.

New fun things like switching between multiple soundtracks!

And much, much more!

There’s still a lot of work ahead of us. This week we have a mocap shoot and a playtest scheduled, and those will both be great opportunities to again make big progress on this project. Next week we’ll be losing two people to various obligations (swim championships and grad school visits), but fortunately we’ve planned ahead and are confident the game will continue to move forward.

Next week we’ll be posting lots of fun pictures from our meatspace events, as well as info on all of the data we collected.