Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 6


  • Finish final texturing on Bio Room Models 0h
  • Make models for the rest of the mansion 9h
  • (This task pivot was decided during team meeting that week)

Total Hours: 9h

Positives: Because of the increasing visual scarcity between the rest of the space and some of the more developed puzzle locations, we decided that instead of texturing this week, I should make models to use throughout the rest of the game, that also drive our sci-fi aesthetic a bit more home. Then, later on, I’ll do a texturing sweep, etc, and get these tasks done in waves instead of focusing on one area first. I think this is going to work out well, and I also got quite a few models done, with plans for how they can have extra ‘fun’ features for players during the polish phase. I also added some more leaves to the polybrush presets so that the biowall can start looking more overgrown.

Futuristic bookcase possibly for placing throwable objects on
Basic Book, Vase, Pyramid decoration + rotating top, and hexagonal lantern
Implementation of vines and leaves on Biowall

Negatives: There weren’t any major negatives this week, things went pretty smoothly. 

Looking Ahead: More models and implementation


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