Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 5

Eye Snapping to Eye/Camera Prototype: 2h
Minor Tweaks to Machine Prototypes: 4h
Bug Fixing:
Walls: 1h45m
Sensors for Machines: 15m
Resize Door: 15m
Branch Management: 15m

Total Hours: 8h30m


THE. WALLS. WORK. Please look at them.


In addition to that fix, I also resized the door for the door puzzle so that it actually covers the entire opening to the room.


I did a lot of bug fixing in tandem with tweaking the machine prototypes. I needed to move the functionality of the lever we had to the lever that Sydney modeled, which ended up being a lot harder than expected. Thankfully, I got it to work, and although it’s still not the best lever movement-wise, it’s better than the one we had before.


While working on that, I realized that the sensors for the machines had both broken. Luckily, the fix for those wasn’t too hard, and the puzzles work the way they should again.


Finally, I updated the Eye/Camera prototype. Eventually, the player will need to remove the eye from the inventor’s body in order to attach it to the camera. For now, we have them as separate objects sitting on a table. When the eye gets near the camera, the camera can see the hidden objects in the room that only the eye can see. If the player lets go of the eye when it’s near the camera, it will snap into position.



Overall, this week was pretty good. I was able to get the things done that I really wanted/needed to get done, and also accomplished some work on other tasks. I do wish  that I had gotten more work done on the machines, but it also makes more sense to do the work once we have the updated models.

Looking Ahead:
Bug Fixing as Needed
Adjust Machine Puzzle Prototype
Polish Puzzles

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