Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 5


  • Fill Biowall with Models 5h
  • Begin final texturing on biowall models 2h

Total Hours: 7h

Positives: This week was a whirlwind, but a good one. Previously it took me about a sprint to do all the research about how to produce foliage in a useful way, and I think this week it’s really paid off. What took me so long last time I’m now able to do relatively quickly, and got out 3 foliage models + vines instead of one. The texturing took place alongside this, because most foliage looks pretty awful before it’s been textured, since for performance that get reduced to shaped cards. I also tested a VR workflow to see what the benefits may be, and made out Vine models in Google’s free Blocks VR modeling program. It was really quick, and probably great for prototyping, but the integrity of the models in unity is questionable.

Leaf sculpted, modeled out for low poly count, and poly-painted using Zbrush and Maya

Sets of vines made in Google Blocks, we’ll see how they go

Negatives: I was sick this week and unable to come to class, which is a negative, but after some rest I got caught up and got a surprising amount of work done. Some of the models still need to be duplicated fully scene-setup in unity, but they at least work and are prefabs at the moment. 

Looking Ahead: More artistic development on the puzzle areas


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