Samara Painter, PPJ, Winter Week 2

Fix Teleportation Bug: 45m
Fix Conversation Bug: 30m
Hand Scanner/Lever Puzzle Prototype: 4h45m
Repository Clean Up/Refactor: 2h30m

Total Hours: 8h30m


This week I did two bug fixes, a puzzle prototype, and started working on the repository clean up that I’ve been wanting to do.

The player used to be able to teleport directly inside the room through the wall, bypassing the initial door puzzle entirely. I fixed it so that now prior to solving the door puzzle the player can only teleport outside of the room, and after solving the door puzzle the player can only teleport inside of the room.



Additionally, during our work toward the end of last quarter we introduced a bug in the conversation mechanic where the player could talk over the NPCs during conversations. I’ve fixed this for now, but the fix makes the overall conversation flow a little awkward, so I anticipate there will be some tweaking to the conversation timing in the future.

I also created a hand scanner/lever puzzle prototype. The hand scanner in the prototype responds to different “key” objects (in this case, colorful cubes). The lever will not be able to be set forward until the scanner is given the correct key. After the correct key is placed on the scanner the lever “unlocks” and can be shifted all the way to the front, which solves the puzzle. The lever movement could definitely use a bit of refining, but otherwise the prototype is pretty solid.



Lastly, I had enough time to start working on cleaning up our repository and refactoring. We’ve been working out of a prototype branch all last quarter, and I’d like to get our master branch set up with whatever the current build should be. The master branch is set up to force code reviews before merging anything in, so it will be much easier to control what gets into the build if we transition over to using it. Unfortunately, we have a lot of excess in our prototype branch from adding in samples, making prototype scenes, functionality that we’ve since decided to scrap, etc.

I duplicated the prototype branch (so we didn’t lose anything currently being worked on) and removed everything that wasn’t currently being used in our main scene. Additionally, I was able to rewrite all of the scripts to remove unnecessary code and to enforce a more consistent coding style. I also restructured the folder hierarchies (with Erin to help with some guidance) to make them more intuitive and organized. However, in the process of doing this, many things in our scene were de-referenced. Next week we’ll have to fix all the references, and then hopefully we should be able to migrate into utilizing our master branch.


I was supposed to fix a database-related bug that we noted toward the end of last quarter. However, I failed to document what the bug exactly was, and so I currently have no idea what I’m supposed to fix. In the future I’ll be sure to make more detailed notes when I find bugs for my own future reference. Hopefully I’ll figure out what it was soon and be able to fix it.

I also feel like we should’ve made the migration into the master branch before now, since now there is a lot more work to be done to just figure out what actually should be in it. Hopefully doing it early on in this quarter will help our workflow for the remainder of this project.

Looking Ahead:
Archive and Memory Interaction Prototype
Polish Hand Scanner/Lever Prototype

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