Erin Truesdell, PPJ, Winter Week 2


Getting Back In The Swing Of Things


  • Polsih piano cylinders: 1h
  • Gallery Puzzle Prototype: 3h
  • VRBasics Implementation: 1h
  • Discussing branch cleanup with Samara: 20m
  • Sound team meeting: 20m

Total Hours: 5h 40m


I procrastinated this week and I have no good excuse for having done so.

Positives: We have added VRBasics to the project! This asset package comes with some handy things like lever examples that means Samara and I can focus on the fun parts of dev, like doing stuff other people aren’t doing.

ALSO! While the gallery puzzle isn’t fully prototyped, I got to have my first foray into Oculus haptics, and I’m pleased to say it went (surprisingly) very smoothly! We have some nice pulsing vibrations as outlined by our design team that start to happen when the player gets close to the activated center gallery portrait (shown above)

I still have a week to get this baby polished and into the main scene, but I still have a LOT to do.

I met with the sound team as well, and they’re on track to complete work in line with our production schedule.

OH! And I did some outreach to a local casting agency about possibly getting some voice actors to do pro bono work for our project. More updates on this as that communication evolves.


Negatives: I needed to have gotten a lot more done this week that just didn’t happen, and that’s squarely on me. I’m still a little bit in vacation mode but that can’t happen any longer as we’re in the thick of production. Here’s to having a better, more productive week next week.

Looking Ahead:

  • Keep juicing
  • Finish up this gallery puzzle and get it in the main scene, as per production schedule.
  • Implement new tracks once I get them from the sound team.