Chris Lucas, PPJ, Winter Week 2


  • Existing Models for Biowall Puzzle 4h
  • Models for Picture Gallery Complete 4h

Total Hours: 8 

Positives: Both of these tasks allowed me to work with/add some things to the project that speed up the general workflow, and will hopefully be useful in the future. The one for ‘existing models for Biowall puzzle’ was Polybrush. Adding Polybrush to the Unity project allows us to paint prefabs onto surfaces, sculpt, and color paint in Unity, which means no more carefully placing individual models at slow speeds. The one for Models for Picture Gallery Complete was learning about zbrush alpha creation and exporting. Our aesthetic includes old-style flourishes, which would be a pain to model, but by collecting images from different kits, making mesh data 2D in Zbrush, and and using that in a texture pain software, we can get a lot more convincing data in quickly.

This is an example of some of the different alphas on one of the frame models
painting frames from left to right – low poly, high poly, and cage file for texturing

gif of polybrush use in unity

Negatives: I’m taking 20 credits this quarter, so parsing out my time is going to be really important. This isn’t so much a negative as something to keep in mind as I go forward. This week was pretty smooth, but I guess the negative would be that I kept having resolution and crashing issues in substance painter before getting the frames to carry a decent amount of detail. There was also an unexpected hiccup where I had to redo a bunch of work setting up the biowall pivots, so that being 100% OK has been pushed back a little. 

Looking Ahead: More development on the puzzle areas, as well as maybe some shader dev for the “holo paintings” that go in these frames.


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