Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Winter Week 1


  • Dialogue Writing: 2h
  • Audio Master List: 3h
  • Celebrated: All Break Long

Total (Work) Hours: 5h

Positives: I was stressed about the project over break enough that I wrote a few pages of opening dialogue for our characters. I’ve begun to establish tones and mannerisms for each of them AND we can use this script to start drafting voice actors for our characters. We also have a massive audio list that encompasses all sound files we think we need, ordered by which part of the room/puzzle they’re attached to and ranked according to importance. This will give our sound guys a very specific set of needs that they can work on whether its actual Foley work or finding royalty free recordings we can use.

Negatives: This project weighed pretty heavy on me over break and I didn’t get as much done as I wished I had.

Looking Ahead: writing two more scenes of dialogue, making desk, chair, and desk lamp for study

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