Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Fall Week 11


  • Cried over team video: 5h
  • Made Gantt chart: 4h
  • Modeled keypad: 1h
  • Modeled door: 1h

Total Hours: 11h

Positives: GANTT CHART. GANTT CHART. SO ORGANIZED. SO BEAUTIFUL. We have one! And it spans from next term all the way to graduation (Big Yikes). While it’s lovely seeing everything planned out, I can also now see we are going to have to floor it spring term week one and not stop until we walk on stage to get our diplomas. I also made a keypad and door for our starting little puzzle. Erin, Samara, and I talked about how small the keys could be before colliders became an issue so I modeled with that in mind.


Look at that chocolate bar (keypad) and that…big X (door).

Negatives: The team video decided it wanted to cause me intense mental distress and be as difficult as possible. After 5 hours it felt like I was beating a dead horse so…it’s what we have for now. Next term I want to reshoot everything and make it higher priority. That falls on me and it feels bad man.


Looking Ahead:

  • Scream

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