Joseph Brown, PPJ, Week 11



  • Detailed Concept Sheets for All Puzzles 4h
    • Start Door Puzzle
    • Biowall
    • Gallery
    • Piano
    • The Study
    • The Body
    • The Eye
    • The Machine
    • The Archives


  • Game Title Design 1.5h
  • Concept consolidation .5h
  • Game designer meetup (w/ fudge) 1h

Total Hours: 7h

Positives: Puzzle progression fully nailed down. Puzzle concepts worked out into separate documents. A few are definitely more fleshed out than others, pending further development and testing. I have an idea to put all the documents together into a large “map” that summarizes the majority of possible interactions, while also showing the layout of our map, and which puzzles are reliant on the completion of other puzzles. I think I have a good idea for how to set it up, pending feedback from the team.

Negatives: Got sick. Another week long swim meet. Got my stuff done so it doesn’t matter. Gonna push on through. I felt like I hit a roadblock on some of the detailed concept sheets, but there’s enough finished that the team shouldn’t be waiting on anything, and the puzzles can be developed further in the next week.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Consolidating all puzzle concepts
  • To be assigned


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