Chris Lucas, PPJ, Week 10


  • Creating Plant-Wall Asset (PlantWall): 1 hr 
  • Team Film Shoot: 2 hr
  • Foliage and Plant Production Research: 2 hr

Total Hours: 5hr

Positives: Break! Thanksgiving! I flew home to GA to see my family, and so it was a bit of a slow week. However, earlier in the week we met up to do a film-shoot for our video. Over the break I created the grated plant wall, which will eventually have dirt behind it, that the plants go on top of. To avoid having to model out the actual pattern, I created a 2D one in Photoshop and then used it as an alpha cutout in Unity. That creates the illusion of a grate, when it’s really only using one face. I also started looking into the best ways to create foliage, and read about 5-6 different articles featuring work from a course on CGMasters that teaches professional game foliage production. I have access to all the programs the articles went over – Zbrush, substance designer, and Maya – so we will be able to try out those techniques.

Negatives: Last week my work was a bit off because of a misunderstanding in what was being asked, which meant that the actual plant wall model wasn’t made. That got cleared up this week though, with the plant wall now being implemented. 

Looking Ahead:

  • Creating Plants for plant wall
  • Implementing garden models


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