Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 9

Team Meeting: 30m
Puzzle/Accusation Meeting: 1h
Database Build Debugging: 1h30m
Moving Walls Debugging: 30m
Draft Accusation Mechanic: 7h

Total Hours: 10h30m


Because we decided to table the murder board concept I was able to work through two of our major bugs this week.

The database bug I was worried about turned out not to be too bad of a fix, it just entailed a lot of trial and error. Now, the database works in a build, so we’ll be able to test all functionality from a build instead of directly from Unity. We also discovered that the walls bounce a couple times before ending up at the intended wall when moving – but that was an even easier fix.

Finally, I started working on our accusation mechanic. Since we tabled the murder board concept we decided to move to a conversation-based accusation. If it is past a certain point in the game then the player will now have the option to accuse any NPC when initially starting conversation with them. This will branch into a logically separate branch from the original dialogue logic, where it will go through found and not found evidence. Finally, if the player decides to accuse the NPC at the end of it all, the game will reach an end state.

Unfortunately, I had to do a lot of preparatory work involving pulling apart the NPC script before I could really start working on the accusation-specific logic. I ended up separating the script into the base NPC script, a DatabaseHandler, and a ConversationUI. Once that was done I added an Accusation script and two more tables to the database.




I ran into a lot of issues with testing this so it is currently not functional, although all the base logic is there – it just needs more debugging. Luckily, this task was slated to span two weeks, so I’ve gotten a majority of the work done for it this week and should definitely be able to finish it up next week, hopefully with some more sample audio.


I wasn’t able to get the accusation mechanic as finished as I’d like it to be moving into next week. The bulk of the work is done but it is still currently not functional. Hopefully it’ll be easy to debug and it’ll also be working as intended, but I feel like that might be a bit too optimistic.

Looking Ahead:
Finish Accusation Mechanic
UI Work

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