Joseph Brown, PPJ, Fall Week 9


  • Puzzle Meeting 2h
  • Puzzle Documents 2.5h
  • Game Menus 1.5h

Total Hours: 6h

Positives: Created a progression for puzzles with Sydney that gets us through the next several weeks of production, as well as creates a blueprint that we can frame the story and character dialogue around. I then arranged these puzzles into a thing in illustrator. Did some 2d Menu Mockups, as well, to be brought into VR next week.

Negatives: Much of my week was dedicated to a 4 day long swim meet, so working was difficult as I was spending most of my time in the water or at the pool. My tasks were kept light this week to reflect this. Furthermore, I will not have a huge amount of time with Thanksgiving break and travel, so the week we get back will require a lot of catch-up.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Bringing Game Menus into Unity
  • Recording Team Commercial
  • Meeting with Stefan Rank! Still pending schedules. Will probably move to next term.
  • Escape Room research and design

    A Beautiful and Flawless Puzzle Progression Mounted Professionally on Sydney’s Closet Door


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