Joseph Brown, PPJ, Fall Week 8


  • Prototype Playtest in URBN 2h
  • Conversation Interaction Document in GDD 3h
  • Conversation Interaction in Unity 3h

Total Hours: 8h

Positives: Testing in URBN went well, and seeing our game actually being played gave me a good idea on what we need to do to help our systems and puzzles read well. Technical hiccups aside, I think that the layout of the room gives us a strong basis on which to build our game. I created a detailed explanation of the Conversation UI, a “Conversation Cloud” that should look visually interesting while providing the player with intuitive controls over their character’s choice of tone. An early version of this “cloud” has been implemented in Unity, though with placeholder art for the time being. It still needs tweaks in order to comply with the design guidelines, as well, but at the very least provides a functional prototype.

Negatives: Figuring out the Oculus Example Project and forcing the code to work with our game was and continues to be a bear. I will be working much closer with Samara in case I need to use it again. Next week, I have to schedule around a 4 day swim meet, but I have been able to figure out a meeting time that works with Sydney.

Looking Ahead: 

  • Puzzle Development
  • Menu Mockups
  • Meeting with Stefan Rank! Pending schedules.
  • Escape Room research and design


Negative Relationship, 4 dialog options
Positive Relationship, 6 dialog options

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