Daniel Shalala, PPJ, Fall Week 6


  • Concept Art work: 5 hr
  • Team Meeting: 1h
  • PPJ: 20m

Total Hours: 6h 20m

Positives: This week I was able to make some strides on getting designs ready for the characters. We didn’t have a meeting for the art team this week, but we did receive instructions on how to proceed with the drafting of designs by the producer. All in all it was very productive, at least with all things considered, over multiple aspects too. I was able to work with things that I haven’t done before, such as digital work and new designs and ways to pursue them. I am intrigued with what the project leads want us to do, the style they want to tackle, and I am truthfully enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone. My favorite helmet design for our Noble woman was lauded by the other artists which is a wonderful feeling to be honest.

Negatives: I made great strides with my work but I feel like there was time wasted. Specifically I spent time teaching myself how to draw digitally so that I can have an easier time sharing my work with the group. This is a short term negative as it will help out in the long term, but still. We need to iron out exactly what we want the design to be. Ergo I will push to have a meeting this upcoming week to unify all the ideas that we have brought together. That is not say that we have different ideas as how to proceed, but I want to make sure that our end goals align, and if they don’t, I am happy to shift them.


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