Team PPJ, Fall Week 5

At this point, what ISN’T a prototype?!

We’ve had a busy and productive week here at Prediction Error Productions. From two extremely informative meetings with Professor Rob Lloyd and Jaleese Blanding-Coates to hours and hours of prototype completion, we made progress on all fronts.

20181018_133302.jpg      Frenemy




We discussed the design of themed attractions and entire experiences with Professor Lloyd, did some thinking about puzzle design, and spent time in a VR museum exhibit discussing challenges of the medium with Ms. Blanding-Coates. The art team completed several character concepts and a floorplan of the laboratory, from which we’ll work this week to expand the greybox room that was made today.

unknown.pngSamara, Erin, and Chris all worked on mechanic prototypes, continuing to iterate on work from previous weeks. Samara added sound files and dynamic reactions to the conversation system and created a rudimentary teleportation system from which we can build a more refined one. Chris got a set of VR hands working so we can craft interactions with the Oculus SDK (which we decided on after trying both it and VRTK). Erin designed and assembled a version of a puzzle that will end up in the game – it’s not much of a puzzle without art, but it will eventually work once it’s integrated into the scene.


The sound team met to discuss direction and has started compiling a foundation of inspiration for the game’s soundtrack, including works from contemporary games and recordings from jazz greats such as Miles Davis.

Next week, we’ll be finishing up bringing our prototype work together for a deliverable work-in-progress, and continuing to push forward on the art front.