Shiloh Shareef-Trudeau, PPJ, Fall Week 5


  • Composition Analysis/General Research: 5h
  • Piano Practice: 4h
  • Arranging/Conceptualization: 3h

Total Hours: 12h


Positives: This week I’ve begun delving into research in a big way. Essentially this consists of compiling music in the realm of what we’re aiming for (classic modal jazz, modernist music, and contemporary “doom jazz”), critically listening to said music, analyzing the theoretical concepts behind each respective piece in-depth, as well as looking into the artists, histories and ideas behind the music for a deeper contextual understanding as to the nature of the music. I’ve also been trying to keep up a regular routine of playing the piano, as I believe for music of this kind, as much instrumental deftness and knowledge as I can obtain will go a long way. Furthermore, playing the piano is where inspiration strikes me most lucidly in terms of potential musical pieces. Having said that, I’ve also been using Ableton live to arrange my musical ideas in a concrete way while retaining the ability for quick edits and instrumental additions (though only for expedient mock ups to be sure). At this point, I am well on my way to fully immersing myself in the music of noire and gaining true insight into the style. I now have 4 potential pieces in the works, albeit all still being in the nascent stages of development.


Negatives: I’m still not at the point where I am satisfied with the amount of time I’m committing to these endeavors, and I am facing some difficulties in terms of creating music that both feels authentic to the style and simultaneously has a unique flavor to it. The proper balance of these elements will only come with a full understanding of the music of noire.