Chris Lucas, PPJ, Fall Week 5


  • Meeting with Jaleese Blanding-Coates: 2h
  • Character Thumbnails and Gothic Fashion Research: 1h
  • VR Scene and Hardware Debugging: 5 hr 
  • VR Hands Scene Grabbables Development: 2 hr 

Total Hours: 9hr 

Positives: This week the rest of the team and I had an amazing meeting with Jaleese Blanding-Coates, a Drexel Grad student currently making a VR game, and were able to demo her work, as well as talk to her in depth about the problems she was having with development, how to fix them, how she was approaching things like motion sickness and locomotion controls, how long each part of her development was taking, and more. She was an amazing resource for moving forward, and we got her contact for future demos. Using the Oculus Avatar SDK, I was able to get hand presence and finger motions implemented this week, as well as grabbing, throwing, etc. I also did some character thumbnail sketches to get a feel for what mix of gothic fashion and robotics we want in our characters.

Negatives: The bad came from development and hardware bugs. Unity not recognizing oculus apps, the oculus playing audio only and no video, SDKs in the project overlapping and throwing a billion errors, things like that. I also got a new laptop that can run VR so I can test on my own, which is a major “good”, but also bad because of initial setup bugs and admin problems needing to be smoothed out. Luckily most of these bugs got fixed Monday night, so the next week of development should be a lot more straightforward, fixing bugs in what we made instead of bugs in the hardware. 

Looking Ahead:

  • More expansive hands interactions 
  • Murderboard Prototype
  • Preparation of Week 6 Deliverables
  • More testing and prototyping in VR
  • More solidified concept art


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