Chris Lucas, PPJ, Fall Week 4



  • General/Concept Art Meetings: 3h
  • Polaroid Camera Prototype: 5h
  • PPJ: 30m
  • Moodboard/Research: 2 hr

Total Hours: 10h30m 

Positives:   Full steam ahead prototyping! Almost all of the main components of the camera and image capture mechanic have been developed. It now renders to the viewport, identifies items (like what evidence a player is photographing) in the scene, and prints photos taken to a model, which was exactly the goals set out for last week. Character concepts and art styles are coming into focus as well after meetings this week, and we have a cast of 3 potential suspects with their own backstories and designs. Moodboards have also been heavily developed, with a large volume of images and references compiled into a team Pinterest.

Negatives: This week was actually pretty smooth sailing. There were some merge conflicts in our scenes, but actual development met the goals defined for last week, and the combined demos in our new VR scene work nicely. By necessity the Polaroid object requires an extra camera rendering and saving out textures, which will need optimization best kept in mind now rather than waiting until later. Making an effort to keep the Profiler open during development should hopefully keep this out of the ‘bad’ section in future PPJs. Another negative I can think of is that though we’ve made great progress with concept art and moodboards, the majority of reference for what we’ve found is 2D or painted, so the next wave of reference should include examples of lower-poly assets from games. 

Looking Ahead:

  • 3D Style Tests and Moodboards
  • Preparation of Week 5 Deliverables
  • More testing and prototyping in VR
  • More concept art

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