Sydney Oswald, PPJ, Fall Week 3


  • Meetings: 6h
  • Attending a wedding: WHOOO

Total Hours: 6h

Positives: We met twice this week and put the pedal to the metal when it came to pivoting. We agreed that with the time frame we had, the idea we all loved was not do-able. Our hard pivot has landed us in a much more comfortable position, especially with all the prototypes that have been worked on in the last week. We’re focusing in on why it is important that our game is in virtual reality and how we can make it fun that the player is placed in the world instead of sitting on their couch.

Negatives: Not really a negative but I attended a wedding over the weekend which ate up a lot of work time. Also, the pivot has rendered work we’ve already done useless, but our meeting Monday made up for a lot of that.

image0 (4).jpg

Looking Ahead:

  • Concept art for the main room and wall panels
  • Concept art for the cast
  • Writing some dialogue for actor auditions
  • Week 4 requirements
  • Starting to plan a new murder with new motives and NEW alibis