Samara Painter, PPJ, Fall Week 3

  • Meetings: 6h
  • Database Planning: 1h30m
  • Repository Work: 30m
Total Hours: 8h
Positives: The team met two times this week and had meaningful discussions. I helped come up with more specific ideas in terms of utilizing VR and scenes for the original game. Additionally, I mocked up a table schema for the main database tables we would need, which should be able to handle the more complicated dialogue logic we were originally going for (shown below). In the second meeting, the team decided to pivot the game idea in order to scope down, and I contributed to the overall new idea and some more specific puzzle mechanics.
Negatives: Unfortunately, since the team decided to pivot our game idea entirely, most of the database table schema I came up with is now no longer necessary. However, on a more positive note, the pivot means that the dialogue and overall gameplay logic should be less complicated than what we had originally.
Looking Ahead:
  • Research on integrating SQLite with Unity projects
  • Adding blank database to repository
  • Going through Unity and SQLite tutorials
Database Schema